Architectural Collections and Productions

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Producing and Curating Heritage

Over the last year, we have organized pop-up exhibitions and woven the Chair Collection into various teaching activities including two minor studios and a masters studio. All of these elements are coming together in an exhibition in the modelling hall (February 18th – March 11th), and a catalogue.

During the Research Week event, the key-note speakers Dr. habil. Wolfgang Voigt (formerly DAM, Frankfurt) and Dr. Jérémie Michael McGowan (Associate Professor at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), and director of the Northern Norway Art Museum, Tromsø) will use the Faculty’s various exhibitions as a background and present their experiences on architectural collections and exhibitions. This meeting is set up to help us start a conversation on how to activate our collections in research and education at TU Delft and beyond.


13:30 intro and visit to exhibition
14:00 speaker 1: Dr. habil. Wolfgang Voigt
14:30 speaker 2: Dr. Jérémie Michael McGowan
15:00-16:00 discussion
16:00-17:00 drinks.

This Research Week event is organized by the Design & History Research Group together with ACaP.

9 March 13:30 – 17:00

Room E, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment

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Come and see the results of the Tables, Lamps and Sets


Until 13 March, the results will be on display in the Zuidserre.


Opening of the exhibtion.

Exhibition Chairs, Tables, Lamps, Sets

The Faculty of Architecture has a fabulous and extensive collection of chairs. To get them out of their shelves and into education, the Chair History of Architecture and Urban Planning went looking for partners within design education, and found them in the Chairs of Form & Modelling Studies and of Architecture of the Interior.

During the past semester three design courses challenged students to start a dialogue with a chair, and design a lamp, table or set inspired by it. This initiative aimed at promoting design through collections  led to remarkable results.


The archives of Jean Prouvé

Images from our archives will be posted here monthly, providing an unique insight into the heritage of our faculty, built up as a result of education, research and faculty activities.

Following the pop up exhibition on Jean Prouvé, with a model and chair from our collection, here is some more material that we have on this architect and designer. In fact, the archives contain a lot of material on different projects by Prouvé, as a result of student projects from previous decades. Depicted here are the Portique houses built in the early 50’s. During a research project these images were taken in Meudon, France.

We would like to invite any viewers with additional information on this trip, or other Prouvé projects, to post their comments here.

Looking beyond the surface – research and design in education

Today, as well as in previous decades, students at our Faculty have been inspired by the work of others. This is the main reason that the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment has developed collections of models, chairs, photographs and archival materials. Many of these were the result of students’ efforts, working towards a common goal during a research or design project. Together the collections form a record of educational activities in the past, but also a new source of inspiration and of information for the education of the present.
ACaP have just started a new series of pop up exhibitions that will highlight the joint outcomes of research and design in educational projects of the past and the present. The first one, focused on architect and designer Jean Prouvé, has made its appearance in the Dean’s office, and will pop up at another location in the Faculty building in a few weeks’ time. To be continued…

Pop up on architect and designer Jean Prouvé

Pop up on architect and designer Jean Prouvé

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