Looking beyond the surface – research and design in education

Today, as well as in previous decades, students at our Faculty have been inspired by the work of others. This is the main reason that the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment has developed collections of models, chairs, photographs and archival materials. Many of these were the result of students’ efforts, working towards a common goal during a research or design project. Together the collections form a record of educational activities in the past, but also a new source of inspiration and of information for the education of the present.
ACaP have just started a new series of pop up exhibitions that will highlight the joint outcomes of research and design in educational projects of the past and the present. The first one, focused on architect and designer Jean Prouvé, has made its appearance in the Dean’s office, and will pop up at another location in the Faculty building in a few weeks’ time. To be continued…

Pop up on architect and designer Jean Prouvé

Pop up on architect and designer Jean Prouvé

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